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16 March 2018 Update from Parks Canada - re Bobs Lake Dam Replacement. Select "Articles & Documents" to the right and then select "Bulletins"
19 Feb 2018 - Lake Levels Email from Parks Canada - re heavy precipitation & lake levels. Select "Articles" to the right and then select "Misc Docs".
Jan 2018 Bolingbroke dam -Detailed Impact Assessme Parks Canada has produced a Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) associated with the upcoming work on the Bolingbroke dam and are soliciting comments on this. The report may be read or downloaded via the link below. More info - select select "Articles" to the right and then select "Misc Docs"
Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation Funding offer We are writing to let you know that the Bobs and Crow Lakes Foundation (B&CLF), is partnering with Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) to bring special septic and shoreline restoration projects to permanent and seasonal residents of Bobs and Crow Lakes.
June 2017 - Assistance for lake landowners Our waters are finally going down slowly and our Shoreline is beginning to reveal itself. We see some damage, missing decks, docks, stairs and ramps and lots of clean-up. Low lying areas will take a bit longer. After a spring of high water and waterfront damage the GBCLA is excited to announce a partnership between the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and the Bobs and Crow Lakes Foundation to assist cottagers financially to preserve and protect their shorelines, assist with septic concerns and Shoreline naturalization. To take a look at this exciting initiative, including application details, select "Articles and Documents" on the menu to the right and then "Announcements" from the drop down menu.
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