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Cottage Safety Fair, Aug 25 Saturday Aug 25 from 9 am to 12:00 noon at Glendower Hall on Westport Road. Contractors and experts from a broad range of cottage services will be there to present and answer your questions. A detailed agenda of the Fair will be issued shortly.
Vandalism at Dam site July 15 Parks Canada advises that vandals entered the construction site at night and removed the ropes holding the turbidity curtains to the shore. The curtains capture sediment disturbed by the construction work. If you are aware of any information relating to this vandalism, please contact Darryl Whitehead at 705-750-4936.
Subsidy Program Continued for 2018 Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation in partnership with RVCA will offer a limited number of grants and funding for septic repair and inspections, as well as shoreline erosion remediation projects for residents of Bobs and Crow lakes. For full explanation of the conditions and subsidy amounts, select "Articles & Docs" to the right and then select "Misc Docs".
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