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Tay Valley Flooding - posted 25 July For Tay Valley Residents only. For your immediate attention - We received the following letter from Tay Valley township: Dear Members of the Bobs Lake Association, Christie Lake Association, and Friends of the Tay: The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is requesting that anyone who has incurred costs or will be incurring costs to fix something due to the recent flooding, whether they are seasonal or not to please contact the Township at 613-267-5353 ext. 132 or to report the following information at their earliest convenience: - what has been damaged? - how high was the water in your basement in inches? - did it reach the living quarters? - was the access to your property impacted? For example, is there repair to your driveway, did you have to remove trees, what about bridges, etc.? - if you know the cost estimate please provide it. - if there are pictures, please provide them. Could you please circualte this message to your membership. It is imperative that we receive this information by the end of the week so that we can forward it on to the Ministry. Thanks, Amanda Mabo, Clerk Tay Valley Township
Hold the date! The Annual General Meeting (2017) for the Lake Association will be held Sunday July 23rd at the Bedford Hall. Details to follow.
18 May 2017 Navigating Bobs and Crow After an April and early May that has recorded precipitation that is over 150% wetter than our average early spring we find our properties saturated and our lakes at record highs. Parks Canada announced today that the official opening of the Rideau Canal would be delayed by one week until May 26. The water levels on Bobs and Crow Lakes are going down but very slowly due to the saturation and fact that Christie Lake, The Tay River and Perth are currently at high water extremes. There is no place for the water to go! Many of you will be putting in your docks and finally launching your boats this long weekend. The unusual High water, winds and more rain may make this task a little bit more challenging this weekend. Be safe and be aware of what you can do and what you may want to delay doing. Our lakes are currently not boater friendly. Dead heads are numerous and are precariously bobbing across the lakes. Damaged decks, shorn from properties during high water, are floating just below the surface of the water. As well missing docks may be found in every nook and cranny of our vast 800 km of Shoreline. It is recommended by Boating Canada that if you are boating on Bobs and Crow Lakes this weekend that you keep your speed at 5 km per hour, especially in low lying areas, in order to avoid doing damage to your boat and causing more disruption to properties that are flooded. Our Victoria long weekend is usually the start of cottage season for many of us on Bobs and Crow. As the 2017 season begins please be aware this situation. Larry Larry Arpaia 613 279 3210
11 May 2017 - Flooding on your property Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit MEDIA RELEASE May 9, 2017 Tips for Dealing with Flooding on your Property Recent heavy rains across the province have swollen lakes and rivers across several watersheds and resulted in water ponding on many properties. Some properties have been affected by flooding. Flood water and water ponding around wells and septic systems can affect the safety of your drinking water and how your septic system works. The Leeds Grenville and Lanark Health Unit is advising those whose wells are directly affected by these conditions to boil their water for one minute at a rolling boil before drinking the water. Have your well water tested for bacteria. If your septic system has been affected, limit water usage by taking quick showers rather than baths, avoid using the dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine and flush your toilets only when necessary. Ensure your basement sump pump is not going into the septic system. Do not pump out your septic tank when the soil around the tank or the leaching bed is still saturated with water. High ground water levels may cause an empty septic tank to float and break out of the ground, and damage the tank and connecting plumbing. The following tips will help protect your family during flooding events: Keep your family safe by keeping family members and pets away from and out of the flood water. DO NOT enter areas where electrical systems have been affected by flood water as you may be electrocuted. Always wait for clearance from the electrical authority before entering these areas. Building materials, clothing and furniture exposed to flood waters are likely contaminated with sewage and can support the growth of mold. Some items can be cleaned and disinfected; others may need to be thrown out. Ask for professional advice during clean up. If you try to save and clean items on your own, wear protective clothing, a mask and gloves. For more informat
Jan 2017 - The Bobs & Crow Lake Foundation Request The Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation is a registered charity in Canada and the United States. The primary purpose of the foundation is to raise funds through donations, holding fund raising events, such as the Frontenac Frolic, and from project grants from other foundations and government agencies. The Foundation works in harmony with the Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association (GBCLA) and other organizations to use the funds in support of projects and programs that meet the objects of the Foundation. The major fund raiser is the Frontenac Frolic held on the Saturday of the August long weekend, this year the 29th of July. The Frolic includes the Cow Flop Bingo, a flea market, silent auction, a book table, a bake table, a reptile zoo, a petting farm and food and drinks. This year the Foundation is seeking an individual to organize bake goods and the bake sale table. A list of contributors in past years is available. If you can help please contact Susan OBrien Mactaggart at 613 273 5236. The flea market is always a big hit at the Frolic. If you have saleable items for the flea market please contact Laurel McKay at 613 273 2504 to arrange a pick up or drop off.
@1 Dec 2016 - Bolingbroke Dam replacement Select "Articles" on the menu to the right. You will find an update on the replacement of the dam from Parks Canada.
Guidebook for Bobs and Crow lakes This document was originally conceived as a "Welcome Kit" for new residents on our lakes. During development it was renamed "Guidebook" as it was thought to contain handy reference materials for all lake residents. To download the Guidebook, select "Articles" to the right and then select "Misc Docs". Enjoy!