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Annual Meeting 2018 June 9 at Pine River Depot 9:00 am. Please invite your neighbor too.
2018 Curly Leaf Pondweed Control Curly Leaf Pondweed was harvested from 14 acres in 2017, but was present over much more of the lake through late June. Fortunately, NLA has secured a matching funds grant from Cass County in the amount of $10.000 to aggressively treat CLP this year. These funds are made available to counties by the state legislature specifically for the purpose of controlling aquatic invasive species. See the newsletter and this site for more details later this spring.
News Manager Wanted The association is in need of one or more volunteers to keep the website current with the goal of better connecting the association with the greater Pine River community. No technical skills needed. This will involve 1-2 hours per month, from March - September. Please use the CONTACT US tab to let the board know that you can help the association in this way.
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